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Report / 72% of customers want more storage on the phone

72% customer has given priority to purchase capacity

Report / 72% of customers want more storage on the phone, budget less than buy on EMI expensive phone

Gadgets Desk It is often seen that the customers are quite happy when buying a smartphone. Someone likes to have a big display phone, so someone wants a strong camera on their phone. According to a report by CyberMedia Research (CMR), it was revealed that while buying a new phone, 89% customers prefer good cameras, while 79% of customers and 72% of customers prefer priority to the phone's internal storage. This survey was conducted in eight cities in the country in February 2019, in which youth from 15 to 30 years was involved. The survey also showed that the number of such customers has increased rapidly, which do not refrain from changing the brand.

Priority to product quality 92% customers- CMR

  1. It was also revealed in the survey that while 92% of the customers prefer the quality of the product when purchasing the phone, then 90% of customers are more likely to give the product performance more attention. Whereas, only those who give preference to the aftersales sale service include only 76% of the customers.
  2. According to the report, Samsung has the largest retail network in India, which is also ahead in the aftersales sales, despite its 89% customers think Oppo is more reliable, after which Shiaomi and Realmis are named.
  3. According to the report of CMR, 94% of the customers give priority to the phone of Reality, after which the name of Shiaomi comes with 93%.
  4. With 94%, most customers prefer Reality phones because of their product quality, while 96% buy realm phones due to their value for money.
  5. Looking at the smartphone product quality index, the title of the number one smartphone brand is called Reality. But when it comes to the beauty of the phone, Oppo comes in first place with 94%, followed by Oppo with 93% and Samsung and Vivo with 92%.

In the second quarter of 2019, Shiyomi's 3.7 million phones were imported - counterpoint

  1. According to the Counterpoint Research released on Thursday, Chinese smartphone brand Shiaomi has the highest number of other smartphone companies in the second quarter of 2019, of which 3.7 million units are imported in India.
  2. According to the Report of CounterPoint Market Monitor Service, China's CBK Group, which includes Oppo, Vivo, Realms, and Vanshusel, is the first time India has become the largest smartphone manufacturer in India.
  3. Samsung's annual import has seen a decline of 7%, but after the advent of A-Series and M Series, it has seen a 30% growth.
  4. Reality has also managed to make its place in the Top Five brand on the performance of its latest smartphone Reameri C2 and Realm3 Pro. Within a few months of launch, RealCeC2 had sold 10 million units.
  5. Reality is the fastest growing brand that crossed the 8 million units imported within just one year of launch in the Indian market.

What is the occupation of the smartphone industry to say about this

    • The customer has the first preference camera, in which the front camera i.e. selfie camera is more respected than the 48 megapixel or 32-megapixel camera. When customers first take the phone in hand, they first open the selfie camera in which they like to see their face. Second, comes the rear camera in which triple camera setup is currently in trading. Third, Ram and Rome, because they can not do those experiences. Most customers are watching the storage because RAM is not such an importer for them.
    • The decision of which brand should be bought by the phone, the customer decides by looking at its built quality, hardware, camera and design when the customer takes over. Customer buys the phone after the Experience of the Kaup. Talking about budget does not make much sense in today's time. Until a few years ago, the customer used to think enough before taking a call of 7-8 thousand, but now there are dozens of finance companies in the market who have made easy access to the customer. When this facility was not there, it was difficult for many people to take 8-10 thousand phones, but now they buy phones of up to 15 thousand easily.
    • After many options of similar price, the customer decides after researching his family member, family, and the Internet. Talking about the overall industry at this time, most of the 6 to 10 thousand smartphones are sold, after that 10 to 15 thousand worth of phones are sold the most. -
    • First of all, people prefer the brand, after which the processor, storage and RAM are used. Nowadays the vogue of the camera has increased. But many customers do not just focus on the camera but also want good RAM-ROMs. The needs of every customer are different, the camera has more work, only they want better camera phones, while many customers prefer RAM and storage.
    • Some customers come to buy a low-range phone but when they see that spending a little more money is getting a better phone, the display also has more RAM, and even if it is RAM, then it feels better to switch over it. The convenience of finance has made it easier.
    • Upon receiving a good finance screen, the customer who receives a phone call of 10 thousand will also switch to 15 thousand phones. Speaking of Shiomi, the most demanded note is of 7 Pro, but most of the customers are diverted on other phones when doing the live experience of the phone. -
    • Customers today give priority to three things in the time of the first camera, second processor and third storage in which they can have as many applications as possible.
    • After that, the customer sees the design. Talking about the budget, 70% of the customers want to buy the best phones in the budget of 15 thousand or less. There are also many customers who come with a budget of 10 thousand in mind, but if he likes a phone of 13 or 15 thousand who fulfills his needs, he does not even refrain from taking too much budget calls.
    • Finance is also available to buy phones through which the customer also purchases more budget phones

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